Online Education

In the future education will be taught entirely by computers. In this day and age a computer’s information is vast. You can learn almost everything, from tying your shoes, to break dancing, by searching it on the internet. Schools would be silly not to utilize such  convienient information. Although some sites may not be reliable, there are thousands of others that are. Growing up in such a technological generation calls for online education in schools.



MIddle Eastern energy companies are threatening to “cyberattack” the United States private sector. This attack is called the Shamoon virus. These attacks are said to have “renewed concerns about still more destructive scenarios that could unfold” against our country. According to Leon E. Panetta this problem could only be  solved with the Defense Department’s responsibility to defend the nation. Panetta also went on to explain that the Pentagon’s role would also extend to defending the private sector. Although this may potentially be a serious problem, I’m sure that the American government will keep our resources safe.

Women and Computing

In the world of technology you usually think of boys playing video games and playing on the computer, but the question is, why don’t people  think of woman using technology as often? In the TED video we watched in class, Brenda Laurel talked about why video game companies never made video games for little girls. Laurel interviewed many young girls throughout her research and found that females are more interested in playing games that have to do with their social lives. I’m not sure why girls don’t enjoy the  competition  in video games and computing as much as boys. It could have something to do with our culture, but in my opinion the reason behind girls not liking video games as much as boys is just instinctual. I like to compare it to the fact that most girls could spend hours doing their hair and makeup, while most boys would be very uninterested in that. I find this similar to how boys can spend hours on their video games while most girls would get bored. As time goes on I believe that girls will never be as interested in gaming as boys.

Frontline Part1

As I watched a video about how teenagers interact on the internet, i realized that teenagers don’t only use the internet as a way of talking to each other, but they also use the internet as a way of expressing themselves. People also use the internet as a way of creating a new identity for themselves.

Are We Cyborgs?

Today I watched a video about a woman named Amber Case who is a cyborg anthropologist. She examines the way that technology and people evolve together. Case studies the way that people participate in the digital world, and how they interact with it. She finds technology to be beautiful because of how it allows people to interact with each other and be brought together even if they are in different places. I find her studies to be very interesting and I would love to learn more about them.

Sixth Sense

In class we recently watched a couple videos about a man named Pranav Mistry who invented a way to bring the digital world into the real world. He was able to take pictures with only only fingers and play computer games on a single piece of paper. Watching this man invent something like this was extremely interesting to me. His accomplishment made Apple look like it’s from the stone ages. The video we watched was from three years ago, it would be very interesting to see how this invention has grown and evolved since then.